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 Now retired, Opal Dar is the owner of Photos for the People. 

With a background in birth work and professional caregiving, Opal has a unique talent for putting people at ease.

Specializing in portraits, Opal has a strong vision for capturing people's essence. 

While Opal's disability has forced a stop to their thriving business, the passion remains and you'll always find them with camera in hand being the photo fairy anywhere they go. 

" I am blinded by the beauty of humans. Taking photos is a chance to show people what I see...regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, race or socio-economic status, you are all sparkling gems and I want to take your picture"

Opal Dar

"Opal knows how to physically soothe a situation, hands on or blending in like a shadow, she has a comforting presence who naturally creates “soft places to land”"

-Kate Favervik, Awesome

 "a sensational photographer, I've been a fan for years"      

                                              -Holly Damara, Traditional Holistic Doula 

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